Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30th
I've been receiving questions about my process and will try to answer some here. When I work the many details of the painting, I am using #4 and #6 rounds. These sizes make it easier to paint the many little rocks that sit between the boulders. For larger areas I use #8 or #10. When laying down the early washes for some areas I use those beautiful mop brushes.

Another question I've been asked is why I work to 'finished detail' as I go along. The subjects that I often choose to paint are very complex. As I face my work, it's easy to become overwhelmed by so much detail. I approach it as a series of small problems to be solved, one tiny spot after another. Tiny problems are not so complex. before I know it the painting is complete. This is how I work even if I am doing plein air drawing or painting. One little area at a time, built upon another.