Thursday, March 9, 2017

Parrot and Pears, watercolor

When looking for objects to use in my watercolors, I’m always looking for something different or unexpected. Many times the vessels holding objects are unusual. That practice is carried on with this painting.
The most unexpected element is the cast-iron parrot. It belongs to my husband who has had it for more than 60 years. It’s a vintage can opener.

The wall paper is a small section of a William Morris design which I’ve had for several years.It’s been used in a few other paintings over the years.

The dragon bowl was a gift from my son, purchased while in the Far East. It too has been used several times.

And finally, the Damask napkin belonged to my mother-in-law. You have seen it in many paintings.
All these elements are my cast of characters that keep reappearing in my work. The cast is large. The fun is to find new situations where different characters can play together to create new paintings.
Colorfully yours, Sandy