Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25th daily bouquet: Brunnera
This tiny blue flower looks remarkably like a Forget-me-not. The difference is That it has a more intense color, and the leaves are a lovely shape, almost heart like. The location is in my moss garden. We have an area where the grass just doesn't grow. Too much shade. This provided the perfect spot for the moss garden, which was already very thick to begin with. I have been pulling out any new grasses that might try to grow and it has created a beautiful and peaceful transition from the front garden to the back garden. My favorite place. I remember as a child, how I would go into the woods across the road from the house. There was a lot of moss growing around the base of a favorite oak tree. So I gathered more moss and carpeted a larger area. Whenever I wanted to be alone (I grew up in a large family) I would go to the woods and sit on my secret moss carpet and listen to the birds.